Words of mouth drive our business, and they come from having a good reputation. The good reputation comes from our professionalism and delivering over and above what is normally expected. Vietnam Fixer has an impeccable reputation with all our clients – regardless of the size and budget of their projects. As we always say, if it is important to you, it will be even more important to us.


"We have used Film Fixing Services from Vietnam Fixers for all of our projects in Vietnam from big reality series to smaller projects as well. Their enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge of the industry – and locations – is the best we have encountered in this country."

Aton von Bergen

review of Aton von Bergen about Vietnam local film fixer


"Again, I really wanted to thank you, Vietnam Fixer, for all what you did before and during our shooting in Vietnam. We are all happy by what we got in this country and highly appreciate the hard work and dedication from your team – It is honestly said that we could not have done the project without your support. Hope to see you again for another show in Vietnam."

Pierre-Antonie Mounoud

review of Pierre-Antonie Mounoud about local film fixing in Vietnam


"Teaming up with Vietnam Fixer was great. Communication, preparation and participation were on a professional level. A dedicated team that know the ins and outs of the country and industry. They also know how to keep order in the chaotic creative process of film making. Vietnam Fixer really turns out to be more than just a partner. It feels like a family. "

Patrick Sterling

review of Patrick Streling about local film fixing in Vietnam


"We have worked with Vietnam Fixer twice on big adventure reality shows in Southern Vietnam and we will definitely be working with them again in the near future. I will be very pleased to. They are very professional, able to manage work and also personalities. They have all the contacts in Vietnam and always do the impossible! "

Guillaume Duvivier

review of Guillaume Duvivier about tv production services in Vietnam


"Working together with Vietnam Fixer was a 100% positive experience. Besides your professional assistance in all the logistics as well as production elements, your team played a big role in identifying and developing the content as well. It is said that we could not have achieved what we did without your input. When we return to your country for another episode or new documentary, we would definitely choose to work with you again. "

James Fialip

review of James Fialip about film production services in Vietnam


"Vietnam Fixer has done a marvelous job. We worked closely with Hai Nguyen to make all the necessary preparations. He was always available, has a hands on mentality and for us the most important thing was that he has a problem solution focused mindset. The music video turned out absolutely amazing! Highly appreciate Vietnam Fixer. "

Arshad Liems

review of Arshad Liems about film production services in Vietnam


"We were asked to produce a celebrity shoot in Vietnam. Since we always try to provide high standard quality service to our clients we asked for the help of the Vietnam Fixer, since they know best in the region. The Film Fixers took care of all our permits and transfers as well. Our team had an amazing time and the pictures came out beautiful."

Sanne Khan

review of Sanne Khan about film production services in Vietnam


"As a small documentary team with a loose narrative line, we were not a usual or easy project. We did not scout and we dove head first around Vietnam looking for unique and real experience. Vietnam Fixer were not only up for the challenge, but they helped us to achieve a better result thanks to their always pertinent input. They know their way around and they always have an ace up their sleeve. Their help was precious and on point. I’d recommend them anytime!"

Adam Gabriel

review of Adam Grabiel about video production services in Vietnam